Lewiston, NE
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Local Government

The normal meeting date for the Lewiston Village Board is the first Wednesday of the month.

Lewiston Village Board Members:

Gilbert Richardson, Chairperson of Village Board ~ (402) 865-5605
Terry Howell, Member of Village Board
Dave Miles, Vice-Chairperson of Village Board ~ (402) 865-5475
Estella Rinne, Secretary of Village ~ (402) 865-5275
Arthur Saathoff, Member of Village Board ~ (402) 865-5615
Sharon Koll, Member of Village Board ~ (402) 865-6185

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement in Lewiston is provided by the Pawnee County Sheriff. For more information call (402) 852-2969.

Fire Protection

Fire protection is provided by the Burchard Fire Department. For more information call 911.

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The Village of Lewiston is provided retail electrical power by Nebraska Public Power District.


The village water is supplied by Pawnee Rural Water District. There is a $10 minimum for the first 1,000 gallons plus $1.50 for 1,000 gallons over the minimum.


The sewage cost for the village is $5 per month.


The cost for garbage pickup for the elderly or single-person households is $8 per month; family cost is $10 per month.

Lewiston Community Center

The center, located at 207 Wesley Street, is available for dinners and meetings. The center also provides recreational games and equipment. For more information, call (402) 865-5275.


A number of Lewiston residents work in Beatrice, Lincoln and Tecumseh,while others are self-employed as teachers or farmers. To find out more about job opportunities in Lewiston, contact Lewiston Schools at (402) 865-4675.

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